The Ecosystem Bringing Community and Crypto Together.

About ICO

About Us

Why Is "Akeelah" Unique?

AKEELAH is a decentralized ecosystem created for the WHOLE community, not just crypto enthusiasts. We’re bringing Community and Crypto together to build a great future for us all.

The Heart of the Ecosystem is the Akeelah Token ($AKEELAH), a deflationary token designed to reward our holders, while functioning as the conduit through which the rest of the ecosystem operates.

The Akeelah Rewards Portfolio is its own unique system and utility which contributes to the Akeelah Token.

The Akeelah Learning Center is the Learning hub where we learn to navigate the crypto space.

Token Advantages.

Akeelah is building an amazing community and we are eager to have you on board.

Safe and Secure

Great Tokenomics:

1% Reflections in ETH or USDC
2% Auto Liquidity/Burn.
4% Akeelah Rewards.
3% Dev/ Marketing.

Instant Exchange

Stable Liquidity:

$AKEELAH will launch with a substantial amount of liquidity to reduce the volatility frequently associated with new launches.

Strong Network

Akeelah Token:

Fair 10% Buy and 10% Sell Taxes | Anti-Whale Measures (2% Max Wallet, Max Transactions).

Mobile Apps

Community Safe:

The unique rug-proof system protects buyers from the all too common snatching away of liquidity (Rug Pulls). $AKEELAH initial liquidity is locked from launch.

Margin Trading


$AKEELAH is launching with a contract built for ETH and BSC chains. This will allow for easy access to a broader base of buyers.


Initial Token Distribution.

100 Billion Max Total Supply

~25% Private/Pre-sale (Vesting)
~5% Dev/Team (Vesting)
~5% for initial Marketing, Promos, etc.

Road Map

Phase 01

Partner with Shibnobi for Dual Chain Contract, Development and Testing Smart Contract

Preparation and Token Launch.
Phase 01

Complete Certik KYC
Plan Initial Marketing and launch plan

Preparation and Token Launch.
Phase 01

Create Website, Telegram, and Twitter
Complete NFT Artwork and Contract functions
Complete Private Sale

Preparation and Token Launch.
Phase 01

Partnering with Shibnobi for AMAs, Media Blasts, Marketing for Presale
Presale, Genesis NFT Launch on Shibnobi Launchpad

Startup Funding and Marketing Blast
Phase 01

Public Launch
Twitter/TG Campaigns and Give-a-ways
Listing on Coin Gecko and CMC
Begin Weekly AMAs
1000 Holders

Startup Funding and Marketing Blast
Phase 02

2500 Holders
Major Coin DEX Listings
Launch Trader’s Club NFTs with Utility
Trader's Club 101 Sessions Featuring and rewarding people
Build partnerships with other token communities

Building the Community
Phase 02

Purchasing Blue Chip NFTs and High Profile projects to build AKEELAH Rewards and brand
Purchasing Metaverse Land for AKEELAH Communities
Purchasing Alt-coins and Crypto Gaming coins for the Metaverse
1ST AKEELAH Rewards profit distribution

Phase 03

5000 Holders
Metaverse Marketing Campaign with Major Brands
Listing on Centralized Exchanges
Minting Gold NFTs

Launch of other Subsystems
Phase 03

10,000 Holders
Continuing to Market and build the Community
Applying for Tier 1 Exchanges

Building and Growing